Playing Emergency

The This short story is part of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop 🙂


It was almost five thirty on the worn out clock that hung on the kitchen wall, the company that was to arrive had been late.  Leah was getting anxious.

“MOM, when are they going to get here?”, she yelled to her mother. It seemed like forever since sunrise when Leah got up, had breakfast and her mom had told her about all the company that was coming over.  She could hardly finish eating it made her so happy.  Just as Leah went to yell again for an answer, she spotted her mom outside talking to someone.  So, she went outside too.  “There you are, everyone is just getting here”, her mother said.  “I was inside looking for you”, Leah told her.  Inside Leah’s heart was going crazy with excitement.  With the gang all here again, they would be able to play just like they always did.  It takes ‘all’ the cousins to play the way that they do, the games, have the fun they did.  Oh she couldn’t wait.  Then, one by one, each family appeared and the kids were beside her talking and giggling and hugging.  Nothing has changed since the last time that they saw each other.  Good thing they have a house big enough that they can all stay so no one has to leave!

“Okay, down to business!”, Leah said to all the other kids.  “Which of our games should we play first this holiday weekend?” She looked around, there were nine kids total, not too bad.   Only one had a suggestion.  His name, Douglas.  “I think that we should play ‘Emergency’ today, he stated.  “Anyone else want to do that?”, Leah asked the others.  They all nodded or raised their hands with smiles on their faces.  This game of ‘Emergency’ has been the long standing favorite game of all the cousins.  Everyone can play together.. no one gets left out.

They had to pick who would be the emergency personnel on the phones, responders, nurses etc., and of course the victims. They all picked their parts, searched for all the items that they would need like a tablet to write ’emergencies’ on.  After a long search they finally found the best item yet –  a real phone that they can use to make the ’emergency’ calls on.  This made it all seem ‘real’.  They found a ‘central’ location and found a plug for it and they were all set.  Pretend EMERGENCY ready to go.  Let the calls come in..

“LEAH”, yelled Douglas.  “What Douglas, I’m trying to get the last of this ready to go.”  Douglas hollered back, “you better call 9-1-1, your mom just fell down the stairs.  I think she broke her leg.  She’s saying to call.”

Leah froze for a minute, then ran to the stop of the stairs to see her mom at the bottom with Douglas, then went to use their ‘Emergency’ phone to call 9-1-1 for her mom.



About andreakine69

I started my first blog a few years ago, and although I will continue it, it serves a completely different purpose to me. It was and continues to be a source of healing, a place of searching, a place for an outlet at times of struggling. And now I still need that component in my life but some things have changed enough that I don't feel any longer that I want my sole existence to revolve around it. I want my writing, my 'self' to be more. The first was an outlet to survive... now, is a time to create, to live, to function as I was always meant to but never had either the strength, the will, the courage or the self love to do so. Now, I created this blog to use my talents as a photographer, to post my pictures that inspire me to get well, to create. To write once again. To heal and use my words and compile them into a book that will not only heal my soul and my release my heart from everything that it has been held under for decades; but hopefully will help others to see that they are not alone in their struggles, maybe for those who haven't gotten help to see that it is OKAY to get help. To tell. To heal. So while I am doing that, I'll just be using this blog as just a way to 'write' short things here and there , tracking my writing progress. It will be my happiness blog only. My journey along the path of my new life of freedom to be the creative me that I was always meant to be. A me I can LOVE.
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9 Responses to Playing Emergency

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  4. Leanne says:

    Oh my. The game turned real-life. I was reminiscing on my time as a kid with my cousins and all the fun games we used to play and the “shows” we’d put on for all the parents. Then my emotions went into shock at the end of your story–forgetting all about my childhood and feeling worry for Leah’s mom. Well done, Karen!

  5. Leanne says:

    AACK! I mean, Karen! I can’t believe I did that! So sorry, Karen. 😦 You can edit my comment to say the right name.

  6. andreakine69 says:

    LOL>… fixed.. no worries… when I saw the pic of the corded phone, I was at ST Thomas that day for my group and I couldn’t write right then, but I knew exactly what I was going to write, story line anyway. funny how a picture can take you back so many years!!! bring back such vivid memories.

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