“Our Vacation” (Blog Hop Story)


We were so excited, at the ages of seven and five we had never been on a vacation.  Back then growing up, it was a treat to do special things and to find out that our dad was going to be home long enough to take us on that trip made us feel so special.  Our trip was to Louisiana, and we drove there which meant we saw a lot of things along the way there.  The trip was a long one.  Once we got there it was so pretty, and the weather was much warmer than my sister or I thought it would be.  There would be days when we would go on little sight seeing trips, and other days when we would go spend a day at a museum.  Sometimes we got to walk down along the river which was pretty too, there were flowers that smelled so nice.  There was a Sunday afternoon that was really special because we got to go to a circus that was in a near by town.  We had never been to a circus and we were so excited to see the big elephants, lions, and tigers.  My little sister was holding her breath as the man walked across the wire so high in the air.    After the circus, we had a special dinner out and we ordered our favorite dish… ravioli. Mine was cheese and my sisters had meat inside of it. That day will always be a memory we will have.  The rest of our vacation was one treat after another. ( I think that our dad planned it that way, as we didn’t have another for a very long time. )  Part way home, there was a long wait on the highway because there was a truck that turned over and all I could see from my window was part of the truck that said ‘hazard’.  I didn’t know if that was all it said or if that was bad or not, but we waited a long time.  So mom and us played games while we waited in the car to keep us busy.  It wasn’t that bad, and it only added to the memories that we will keep.  Time spent playing with our mom, and time spent with our dad.  We both knew we were loved, and how can you beat that?


About andreakine69

I started my first blog a few years ago, and although I will continue it, it serves a completely different purpose to me. It was and continues to be a source of healing, a place of searching, a place for an outlet at times of struggling. And now I still need that component in my life but some things have changed enough that I don't feel any longer that I want my sole existence to revolve around it. I want my writing, my 'self' to be more. The first was an outlet to survive... now, is a time to create, to live, to function as I was always meant to but never had either the strength, the will, the courage or the self love to do so. Now, I created this blog to use my talents as a photographer, to post my pictures that inspire me to get well, to create. To write once again. To heal and use my words and compile them into a book that will not only heal my soul and my release my heart from everything that it has been held under for decades; but hopefully will help others to see that they are not alone in their struggles, maybe for those who haven't gotten help to see that it is OKAY to get help. To tell. To heal. So while I am doing that, I'll just be using this blog as just a way to 'write' short things here and there , tracking my writing progress. It will be my happiness blog only. My journey along the path of my new life of freedom to be the creative me that I was always meant to be. A me I can LOVE.
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7 Responses to “Our Vacation” (Blog Hop Story)

  1. Leanne says:

    Sweet story, Karen! I am so glad you submitted a story! Welcome to the blog hop. I hope you had fun writing this; it was fun to read!

  2. andreakine69 says:

    Thanks Leanne…. 🙂 It was fun to just “write for fun”… 😉

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  4. Sally says:

    Childhood memories are something to treasure, love the last line.

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